Preparing The Office For Life After COVID


As today’s businesses tread cautiously amidst the more relaxed pandemic restrictions, it is important for managers and business owners to envision and organise a workplace that is safe and protects everyone against possible COVID-19 transmissions. Office modifications are just one of the long-term fixes to improve safety and boost confidence, but there is more that business owners can do to prepare for the post-COVID come back.

Ways To Prepare The Office For Life After COVID

Distribute Workplaces

The pandemic could mark the end of traditional offices with hundreds of employees in one contained area. Work from home practices and multiple smaller offices, effectively reduce potential virus transmission. Although physical distancing requirements have been relaxed in some areas, it doesn’t mean that businesses should return to old working patterns. Managers can decide who should be at the office and who should be working from home. Staggered working days will appeal to many employees, due to the flexibility and days that they will not need to commute.

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Improve Hygiene

Future offices should be less susceptible to potential virus transmissions. Heavy-duty surfaces and materials can withstand more rigorous cleaning with caustic and harsher products. Laminates and stones are preferable over natural woods. Office spaces may need to be updated with HVAC or UV filtration systems to keep the indoor air cleaner for both employees and customers. Sinks must be a new staple in office design with clear regulations about when and how to hand wash.

Change Layouts

Without a doubt, a large number of people will continue working from home post-COVID. However, for those who still need to work in the office, adjusted layouts can keep them safer and more productive. Future workspaces will be more physically distant with safer spaces between desks and workstations. There could also be transparent barriers between desks to limit dispersion of respiratory droplets and microorganisms. When considering changes in layouts, companies should make sure that employees are not too socially distant, which could hamper communication and productivity. They must implement effective methods to maintain good interactions between co-workers to support morale.

Support Remote Workers

Remote and home workspaces are extensions of the company’s office. It is crucial for businesses to properly support remote workers to maintain motivation and productivity. Employees may receive an initial stipend to buy essential office equipment and supplies. This should motivate employees and they will hopefully be more productive for this.

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